Feel the Knead Self Care was established in 2015 by Corey Wright. After years of sampling exercise programs, Corey began doing Crossfit, and through it learned of the benefits of massage and "rolling out" on foam rollers and lacrosse balls. 

A thirst for more knowledge about self-massage and therapy inspired Corey to begin his own research, and through that research, he found Jill Miller and Yoga Tune Up®.

Certified as a YTU instructor in 2015, Corey founded Feel the Knead Self Care with a passion for helping people from all walks of life take ownership of their bodies by teaching them the self care techniques he had used so successfully himself.


To teach people how to live better in their bodies through sessions focused on self massage, anatomy, and movement education.

About Corey

Corey was born and raised near Ottawa, Illinois and attended Augustana College, earning a B.A. in Biology with a Computer Science minor. After college, Corey moved to Bloomington, IL to begin his career as an IT Analyst at a major insurance company. After encountering Yoga Tune Up® in 2013, Corey rekindled his passion for human biology and anatomy, and began attending workshops and seminars on vacations and weekends to learn more. In 2015, he received his Level 1 certification as a Yoga Tune Up® instructor and Roll Model® Method therapy ball instructor. He became an Integrated Teacher is 2016 and loves bringing the techniques of self care to others.