Welcome to Self Care. Step One. The Courage to Relax.

Self Care. Down Regulation. Recovery. These are the words we see more and more, and it is a very good thing. People in the world are running themselves ragged, experiencing chronic stress at record levels, and never stopping to enjoy the scenery. They are driving themselves to sickness and disease. 

So my question is this for those who are reading this blog post: What do you do for yourself to recover and recharge? A person must be resting for five minutes for the body to experience relaxation. Do you give yourself that five mins every day(outside of sleeping)? Does your mind race too much for you to take a "time out" and give it a break?

So now we come to our first monthly goal, Step One. I challenge you to give yourself five mins a day of that relaxation(lying down preferably), and concentrate on the rise and fall of your belly when you breath. I know, I know, five minutes is a long time to be still. If this seems too much, start with one minute. Set a timer, and after a week, increase it to three mins. A week after that, move to five, and finally ten by the end of month.

It takes courage to relax in this fast paced, modern world. There are many distractions, but I know you can do it.

 Please try this, and comment below on how it goes. May you feel rest and refreshed.